Remote data collection

How can the information generated by the machine-tools be retrieved for use in our management software?

Têta Steel is a company specializing in the production on-demand of steel parts. Its automated machine-tools process steel bars of different qualities that they cut and form in order to produce the parts ordered by their clients. The Têta Steel management would like to retrieve the information related to each order so as to make it available in real time on its management system.

Type of client


What can Perceval offer?

Perceval equips the factory with a secure Wi-Fi network to which the different machines are connected. Each steel bar is identified by an RFID label as soon as it enters the factory stock. The information retrieved from the machines in real-time allows the Têta Steel ERP management system to record precisely for each order how many millimetres of steel have been cut from each tube, by which machine, how many parts the machine has produced.