Building automation systems

How can the collection of the technical management parameters of the buildings be computerized?

Omega Mu is a company specializing in the technical management of buildings. All of the technical installations (air conditioning, heating, lifts, lighting, alarms, and video surveillance) of the buildings being managed are equipped with automatic measuring systems. Omega Mu would like to collect the data output of these systems automatically, in order to facilitate the management of the different buildings.

Type of client

Automated management

What can Perceval offer?

Perceval offers an intranet solution that:

  • brings all of the information supplied by the technical installations back to the central system
  • produces a complete, detailed real-time report on the situation in each building
  • enables the images from the video surveillance cameras to be looked at, should it be necessary
  • records and archives all of the images and technical data
  • reacts immediately to abnormal events or parameters – including video surveillance alerts – and informs the technical intervention team by sms or by email

The installed system optimizes the workflow of the technicians and allows them to take quicker action when a problem requires their intervention.