What problems do we solve?

Whether you need a single building block to complement your existing system or the total solution, we can help you with our safe and reliable hosting, fast and secure data access, secure and efficient backup, consistent and reliable information delivery.

Office connectivity

Client: Multisite

How can I enable my employees to access their data regardless of the site at which they are working?

Traffic optimization

Client: Multisite

How can I optimize data sharing across all of the sites of my network?

Secure Wi-Fi

Client: Any business

How can my company be equipped with a fast and secure Wi-fi network?

Remote data collection

Client: Industry

How can the information generated by the machine-tools be retrieved for use in our management software?

Building automation systems

Client: Automated management

How can the collection of the technical management parameters of the buildings be computerized?

Easy mobility

Client: Horeca (hotel/restaurant/catering) or sports club

How can I set up a high-performance Wi-Fi network that is easily accessible to my clients?

Reliable Web hosting

Client: Online sales

How can I ensure that my internet site remains constantly accessible without being affected by traffic «peaks»?

Safe remote backup

Client: Any business

How can I have access to a regularly updated copy of my data outside of my own premises?

Collaborative site

Client: Media

How can a collaborative platform be created for our translation work?

High performance clustering

Client: Demanding user

How is it possible to have a network that is sufficiently reliable to handle large data volumes and to process complex calculations?

Online ordering

Client: Online sales

How is it possible for my existing clients to manage their orders online?

Online video

Client: Media

How can I make the videos produced by my company available to internet users?

Service extension

Client: Any business

Can I add new functionalities to the system that Perceval has developed for my company?


Client: Document management

How can we offer all of our clients rapid, secure access to the documents that are relevant to them?


Client: Any business

How can I have a secure, efficient intranet set up?


Client: Any business

How can my employees securely access their data from their home office?